The Restaurant

Aroma Avlis restaurant opened in 2014. The mastermind of this idea was, again, Artemis Karamolegos.

The basic idea was to create a restaurant with
a courtyard that will remind us of our grandmother’s courtyard. A hospitable and cheerful garden filled with the scent of the aromatic herbs and the lemon trees.
But given the fact that the Winery of Artemis Karamolegos is never out of new ideas in August 2015 a new yard opened greeting visitors from noon, while the front yard is mainly used for Wine Tasting, but also for food,
for those who are hungry.

Our new patio offers panoramic views of the beaches Monolithos-Avis as well as the island of Anafi! You can also admire the vineyards and fields of the estate with the seasonal vegetables and horticultural products -aubergines, zucchinis, Santorini cherry tomatoes, melons, watermelons- which are used as fresh raw materials in the restaurant menu. Happy, shady, welcoming, full of flowers, sofas in earthy colors and white tables, it is an oasis where you can enjoy the fine flavors of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine of the restaurant, combined with the wines of the winery of Artemis Karamolegos.


In our kitchen we create summer dishes with seasonal products from our island, such as cherry tomatoes, katsounia (a local variety of cucumbers), fava beans, the white eggplant and anhydrous zucchini. We cook local recipes like kavourmas, homemade sausage, codfish with garlic tomato sauce made from tomato paste produce in Santorini, and some more creative dishes. Each taste is perfectly combined with the wines produced in the winery.

Many of the vegetables and the fruits that you will taste are from our own production, like the fava beans, the eggplants the zucchini, the tomatoes, the artichokes, the melons and the watermelons. During winter, we combine meat with winter vegetables like mushrooms, we recommend more cooked and baked foods, and basically more homemade dishes.

A fulfilling experience awaits you at Aroma Avlis and the winery of Artemis Karamolegos. An experience filled with colors, flavors, warm and friendly atmosphere, the exploration of the flavors and wines and the combination of all of the above based on the recommendations of specialized enologists and the chef.


For lunch or diner in Aroma Avlis Restaurant:


In the dinning hall, the white tables and the unconventional, modern decoration consist the most beautiful setting for a special lunch or dinner. You can taste Artemis Karamolegos wines and then buy them at the shop. You may also buy selected local products, such as beans, traditional grape spoon sweet, sundried tomatoes and tomato pasta produced in Santorini. Moreover, you can find delicatessen products from all over Greece.