Our chef recommends the following combination of dishes from the menu of the restaurant Aroma Avlis together with the wines of Artemis Karamolegos winery: 

Pieces of ntakos (barkley rusk) with cherry tomatoes, fresh onions and Niotiko cheese. Combined with Santorini wine or Terra Nera Rose.

Salad with a variety of lettuce and chloro cheese (fresh goat cheese) of Santorini produced in our restaurant Aroma Avlis. Combined with Aidani wine or Assyrtiko.

Three different Greek varieties of grilled chasse with tomatoes and basil dips. Wonderfully combined with Santorini Barrel Aged wine or with Artemis Karamolegos Nykteri.

Chicken fillet stuffed with cream cheese and sun-dried tomato served with sautéed vegetables. Combined with Assyrtico wine or Terra Nera Rose.

Pork tenderloin with sauce of smoked cheese. It can be served with Santorini wine or Assyrtiko Barrel Aged wine.

Beef spare ribs cooked with Mavrotragano and fava. It can be nicely accompanied with the red Terranera wine or the Artemis Karamolegos Mavrotragano.

For reservations please contact: +30 22860 33395, aroma@artemiskaramolegos-winery.com