Aroma Avlis Food & Wine has two rooms indoors and one open-air area which are
available for events.
>> In the a la carte room we can cater for an event for 18 to 20 people.
>> The indoor room in the traditional winery has a capacity of 60-80 people.
>> The outdoor space (the winery’s traditional courtyard) has a capacity of 150-180 people.
We can provide the following services in our event rooms and our outdoor space:
>> Sound system.
>> Children’s high chairs.
>> Music chosen by our customers and given to us on a USB stick (not available in
the a la carte room).
>> Welcome buffet (not available in the a la carte room).
>> The event areas can be decorated by the customers themselves or by any
company which is organising the event.
>> We can host a DJ, live music or a dance team as arranged by the customer.
>> We provide set events menus for our customers and, of course, respect all our
customers’ needs and are meticulous in preparing these meals. In consultation with
our customers we can alter these menus according to their wishes.
Contact as: +30 22860 33794,