PDO Santorini

Variety: Assyrtiko 100%

Source of grapes: Single centenarian vineyard of Assyrtico located in one of the best terroir of Santorini, in Pyrgos.

Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentation by the wild yeasts of the grapes, skin fermented exactly like as the red winemaking. 14 days total maceration and after the finish of the fermentation the wine remains on total lees for 10 months. Natural winemaking without any addition, stabilization or filtration during the fermentation and maturation besides very low sulfites added before bottling. (total SO2 40mg/lt).

Description: Intense nose, special, revealing another aspect of Santorini's character. Herbal notes like chamomile, peppermint and black tea and spices like cardamom and coriander are perceived first. Mineral notes and fruity hints of pear and bergamot, indicate directly its origin. Structured and generous mouthfeel with firm tannins balanced by the richness and the volume of the wine. Long aftertaste with salinity and a spicy finish. Ageing potential: We don’t know exactly yet due to the nature of the wine and the fact that it's just the first vintage. Based on what we taste, we consider that under good storage conditions the wine can develop a unique character for the next 5 years. Serving and food pairing: Decanting is necessary for at least an hour, in order to breath and open up its complicated character. Can be served at 13-15oC in an big glass of Riesling type , highlighting a wide variety of dishes; particularly due to its orange nature and to the presence of soft tannins it is a match with fish, as good as with meat.

Some of the best combinations that we have enjoyed till now: intense and matured gruyere cheese, first class fish like grouper and dentex, lamb in the oven or ribs. Without any doubt another excellent pairings are with pork dishes, with various ethnic dishes like curry chicken and also with the spicy Moroccan cuisine. It’s gustatory spectrum is so wide that we can say that the pairing list is endless. So we encourage you to try your own combinations.