Our Story

Ιsland winemaking since 1952

Artemis Karamolegos Winery is a continuation of the Artemis’s family tradition that started almost a century ago with the cultivation of local produce, Assyrtiko in particular, in Santorini. The first canava* was created by his grandfather in 1952 with the purpose of producing wine for home consumption. It was, however, Artemis’ innate love for the Santorini land and quest for preserving Santorini’s heritage, that realized in 2003 with the creation of his first wine at the premises of his new winery in Exo Gonia.

Today, Artemis Karamolegos Winery is known for its remarkable range of Assyrtiko wines, authentic to the volcanic soils of Santorini and expressed with simplicity, typicity, and capacity to age over time. The winery’s portfolio includes Classics such as Santorini PDO and Nykteri, the Fine Wine Collection of 34 and Pyritis wines, and a carefully selected Single-Vineyards portfolio. It is also the first winery in Santorini to produce a skin-contact Assyrtiko, under the label of Mystirio. Each one of the Santorini wines in its portfolio expresses the uniqueness and complexity of Assyrtiko, a variety that is a constant source of inspiration and creativity.

*local name for cellar in Santorini