Winemaking Philosophy

Honoring the past, we shape the future

Artemis Karamolegos Winery’s winemaking philosophy centers around the Assyrtiko variety and the various expressions it has proven it can offer. Utilizing the finest quality grapes and combining traditional winemaking methods with modern touches, intimately acquainted with the volcanic soil of the island, the winemaking approach highlights the distinctiveness and expressiveness of the variety.

Winemaking revolves around contact with the lees, using stainless steel tanks, and conducting micro vinifications dedicated to highlighting the different characteristics that emerge from each region of the island, such as the Single Vineyards series. By combining clay and concrete vessels, we allow the variety to express itself and deliver exceptional results with greater structure and texture. With a range of barrels with different style, sizes and usages, we create a unique profile to engage the powerful nature of Assyrtiko.

Recognizing the remarkable potential of the Assyrtiko grape, Artemis and his team distinguish themselves among wineries with their commitment to keep the wines in the cellar and release them with the optimum drinking window. This deliberate strategy enables the wines to unfold their full character and complexity over time.