Tasting Room

Discover Santorini’s most acclaimed wines

We welcome you to savor a wine experience, where you can taste the range of our wines through guided tours and tastings with our experts. Providing a variety of options for tasting, you can explore our winemaking philosophy and discover the unique volcanic terroir of Santorini.

By offering the opportunity for a tour, wander through the lush garden of the winery, starting from the vineyard, exploring step by step the winemaking and aging process, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the journey from the vine to the glass.

The experience is completed with a Food & Wine Pairing, acquainting you not only with the volcanic terroir of Santorini but also with its traditional cuisine. Gastronomic delights await, as the critically acclaimed wines find their perfect companions in exquisite harmonies, prepared with fresh ingredients straight from our garden. Enjoy a culinary journey where each dish is a masterpiece, skillfully crafted to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wines, transforming every bite into a symphony of taste and elevating your dining experience to new heights.

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